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Here at Checkmate, we practice a ‘hands on’ approach to your business support. We love getting our hands dirty and support the business from grass roots level through to your business strategy. Our mission is to provide small business owners with exceptional training and development, through competent and engaging advisors, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Our team are versatile, knowledgeable and passionate.


Our ‘in the trenches’ philosophy means you won’t just get the information you need, but the support and guidance you need to make physical change. Do you have all the pieces to make your business successful?


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Principle Consultant

Thanks to his background in franchising, Michael has worked tirelessly with many small and medium sized operators, across multiple brands and industries. Michael spent most of his corporate life working in operations and training and saw Checkmate as an opportunity to combine his expertise of education and business. His ambitions are to provide business owners with the real skills and knowledge for success; professionally, financially, and personally.


Steve has worked in the financial services industry for over 5 years and has extensive experience in a range of analytic roles. His areas of expertise are process analysis and reengineering, data analysis and managing and implementing business change. He is passionate about creating and enhancing business intelligence within organisations by implementing techniques and tools that provide valuable and meaningful information for business operations.