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Business Assessments

The perfect starting point. Get the advice and support your business needs to make the right moves.

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Tired of working hard for the same results? This twelve week program incorporates an in-depth business assessment with real face to face support to implement an agreed action plan. Week one will incorporate a full day with our advisor, assessing business performance and generating an action plan to achieve desired outcomes. Each subsequent week will entail two hours face to face with the advisor to provide ongoing training and support keeping the operator on track.


Business Planning

Business planning is BIG in a small business world and can be a daunting or frustrating exercise when all you want to do is get your hands dirty in the real stuff! We take the hassle out of business planning whether for strategic direction, seeking investors, exploring business ventures or finance options. Your two hour initial interview followed by continued communication will put our team in the best position to create a plan tailored to your business needs. Choose ‘The Real Deal’ or a simplified ‘Mini Me’ option.

New Business Support

Buying a business can be the biggest decision of your professional life. Protect your investment by setting up good culture, processes, products, supply and business strategy from the first day of trade. Our advisor will provide you the business support to establish best practice and contribute to continued success. Choose from a short term injection of knowledge or a longer term strategy.

Want to know what your customers really think? Looking for ways to improve your operation or provide feedback to team members? Our mystery shopper visits can provide you with a comprehensive report on agreed KPI’s to keep your business moving in the right direction. Your tailored report will be made available within 48 hours to provide timely feedback for continuous improvement. Choose a ‘one-off’ visit or an ongoing program.


Most operators think of marketing as a way to increase revenue alone. Largely, this is the end goal but often achieved through changes in consumer perceptions or behaviours. Our advisors have seen the good and the bad, worked with excellent marketing minds and have currency in the market place. Checkmate Business Solutions will steer you in a direction that will add value to your organisation.


Social Media Management

Are you looking to increase customer awareness but social media isn’t your forte? Don’t panic. Checkmate Business Solutions has advisors who are up to date with the latest trends on all things social media. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are all useful mediums in the current world to increase customer awareness and impact perceptions and behaviour. Don’t let your competitors make the jump on you. Our team can develop and implement a plan to keep your consumers up to date and loyal.


Group Training

Performance Issues? Do you have a new procedure or process you would like to get your team members across? Or is your team simply in need of some motivation? Our training team are highly skilled trainers and facilitators and very successful at delivering a clear message. Class sizes can vary from merely 3-4 employees to large classes 15-20. We will also ensure your team are verified on the training for your records. Choose from a generic workshop or tailor your own. Your trainer will be able to advise the most suitable course for you.

Workplace Tools and Documents

Are you having difficult with certain aspects of your business? Checkmate Business Solutions can develop tools and resources to iron out any inefficiencies or improve consistency. From operations manuals to training verifications, Checkmate Business Solutions can assist with generic templates or tailor something specific to your business needs. Price negotiable on project size.